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Insurance Shuttle Service (I.S.S.) provides dependable, reliable transport services for insurance companies. medical facilities, law firms and rehabilitation centres.

Insurance Shuttle Service (I.S.S.) is a registered division of Able Transport Ltd. Our transportation services have earned a reputation for being among the most dependable and reliable in the industry, used by insurance companies, medical facilities, law firms and rehabilitation centres.

We work within specified guidelines designed to assist our clients with time management and the elimination of fraud. We use the most cost-effective and safe methods for transporting your clients. Once files are delegated to I.S.S., we take responsibility for managing all processes, allowing our clients to significantly minimize their administrative time.

Bookings: ISS / Transportation Referral
Phone: 905-502-6500
Tf: 1-800-891-7775
Fax: 905-502-7100

I.S.S. provides the following:
Quality Transportation

I.S.S. transports passengers in a vehicle that specifically suits their unique needs. By providing advance notice, we will ensure that all special vehicle requests are accommodated. For passengers who must travel longer distances, I.S.S. will arrange flights, hotels and transportation to and from the airport.

File Management

You simply need to provide the transportation parameters and we manage the rest. Our team makes all arrangements with the passenger and provides confirmation to our clients. If a requirement falls outside of the requisition, a member of our team will contact the client for their approval. I.S.S. will only make authorized transportation arrangements.

Detailed Billing

I.S.S. provides clients with a detailed invoices semi-monthly, allowing them to easily cross-reference transportation fees with the appropriate file.

Scheduling Efficiency

I.S.S. has invested in the development of a unique and sophisticated scheduling and proprietary dispatch system that specifically addresses the needs of our clients. This system effectively processes and coordinates large volumes of activities that are unique to our industry and significantly increases scheduling efficiency.

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